Validación de mediciones con Lidar en zona costera

Pedro Alvim A. Santos, Yoshiaki Sakagami, Reinaldo Haas, Júlio C. Passos, Frederico F. Taves

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V48 - N3 / 2015 Ordinario





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Wind Energy, Wind lidar, Validation, Bias analysis.


This study aims to validate measurements of a wind Doppler Lidar profiler installed in a wind farm at the Brazilian coastline. An experimental setup was deployed in Pedra do Sal site, located inside a 18MW wind farm at the northeast coast of Brazil. The objective is to use wind data from a 100m meteorological tower as reference and correlate wind profile lidar data to analyze deviations and site-specific effects. The measurement campaign covered a one-year period. Results show a good correlation between lidar and tower, with a correlation of R2=0.97. However, there is a non-linear behavior of the bias along the wind speed range. The calculated bias for the four analyzed levels is confirmed with a negative skewness and high kurtosis. In conclusion, the studied lidar profiler presented a good correlation with the reference data, but with significant deviations for wind energy applications. The source of the observed bias behavior is still to be better understood.



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