Inverted U-shaped Frequency Reconfigurable Microstrip patch antenna for 5G communication systems

Lames Hasan, Mohammad Nassr, Mohammad Anbar, Hamid Ali Abed Alasad

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V56 - N3 / 2023 Ordinario







Frequency reconfigurable, microstrip patch antenna, 5g communication, return loss, gain


An inverted "U" shape patch antenna has been proposed in this research. It is reconfigurable and operates with millimeter waves. Therefore, it is appropriate for 5G wireless networks. Three separate resistors-100, 500, and 750 ohms-that are integrated into the antenna's radiating element have been used to achieve frequency reconfigurability. The proposed antenna is (5mm x 3.2mm) rectangular patch. In this patch, a rectangular slot is made with dimensions (1mmx2.6mm). The proposed antenna is designed on Rogers RT5880 substrate with dielectric constant εr= 2.2 and loss tangent = 0.0009 and its thickness h=1.6mm. It produces three frequencies: 46.2 GHz, 50 GHz, and 50.8 GHz with return losses: -35dB, -25dB, -27dB and peak gains: 7.22dB, 7.15dB ,6.1dB respectively. The proposed antenna has been simulated using CST electromagnetic simulator.