Journal Sections

The journal OPA publishes the following different types of articles:

  • Articles and communications of new research
  • Review papers devoted to review the state of art of a specific subject
  • Articles for the extension of previous communications presented at events (conferences, schools...)
  • Thematic papers summarizing a report for a PhD Thesis (Zero chapter)
  • Educational papers
  • Historical papers
  • Papers describing the situation of the field of Optics in a country, in a community, etc
  • Articles for the introduction to research of students in studies devoted to specialization in Optics.
  • Technical notes related with products

The file Criterios de Revisión, indicates the criteria recommended to the reviewers of the submitted papers.

Conference Papers

Submissions to Optica Pura y Aplicada that are based on work previously presented at conferences or meetings should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Works should meet standard journal criteria and present a significative expansion from the conference paper
  • The review process and quality and novelty requirements will be equivalent to an standard paper
  • One of the two referees may be selected from the conference’s Scientific comitee
  • Appropriate attribution to the conference proceedings should be included as a reference. Alternatively, an explicit reference to the meeting should be included in the Acknowledgments section: "Portions of this work were presented at the {conference name} in {paper number or paper title}, {year},"

Publication Fees

Depending on the affiliation of the majority of authors signing work, the publication fee will be:


If the authors are affiliated to the Spanish Optical Society


If, at least, half of the authors are affiliated to a society affilited to RIAO. Currently, eight countries are represented at RIAO (Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and Venezuela).


In all other cases

The publication fee will be invoiced by the Sociedad Española de óptica upon acceptance of the work and prior to its publication.

Instrucctions to Authors

Manuscripts can be submitted either in Spanish or in English. However, it is mandatory to include a version in English of the title, the abstract and the keywords

The structure of the manuscript is described in the Template for article edition. The submitted file must include the text, references as well as the complete set of figures and tables, which may be located in their approximated final position.

There is no limit for the extension of the papers. However, it is recommended to avoid images or graphics requiring too large resolution, in order to alleviate the file's memory size, and help their download

Multimedia files linked to some figure in the manuscript are accepted

Use of the templates provided is mandatory for the final paper publication

Manuscripts will be submitted through the Manuscript Submission link found in this page

Through the uploading process, the author must provide the name of three potential reviewers in order to facilitate the reviewing process

By submitting the paper, the authors accept that their manuscript is original and its content can be checked through antiplagiarism tools

The manuscript will be published under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

The authors will retain all rights of their work and may freely distribute this publication

The readers are free to copy and redistribute this material provided that the source is acknowledged and conveniently cited

Commercial use of the papers published by Optica Pura y Aplicada must to be previously approved by the authors of the manuscript. Additionally, the source must be conveniently acknowledged and cited

By submitting a manuscript to Optica Pura y Aplicada, the authors accept all the terms here written

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts must be submitted to Optica Aplicada through the OPA platform

Authors can also check the current status of their manuscript.

For any question or problem, please contact the Editor.

Template for Article Edition

This document describes the format that every article must follow to be published in the journal.

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